To ride at the park you need a valid membership or you must pay day fees (Cash, debit or credit). Day fees are $25 for big bikes, $15 for mini bikes and women, $5 for 6 and under.

Memberships fees are:

• $550 for adult males 18 and over
• $300 for women and youth 11-17
• $200 for children (7-10)
• $100 for PeeWee (6 and under)
• $1000 for a single family.   Note: A family may include a Dad, Mom and any number of kids under 18, that are part of the family.

PREPAID 5 ride cards:

  • $100 which gets you 5 day passes for big bikes.
  • $60 gets you 5 day passes for mini bikes.

Memberships are valid from March 1-Feb 28th. Memberships are available at the entrance gate when the track is open via cash, credit card or debit. Partial year memberships go on sale for half of the normal rate after July 15th.

WRMA memberships allow riders to practice at the park when open at no additional charge. Members also are allowed to vote per WRMA rules at general meetings.