WRMA Trailer and RV Parking Policy

WRMA Trailer and RV Parking Policy

Race events:

* Parking and camping are allowed for race events for all participants and spectators beginning Friday at noon to Sunday at the conclusion of the event unless otherwise specified.  Charges may apply.

Regular Season Member Parking $300:

* No overnight camping in the park is allowed except during race events.

* Members may leave their race trailers and or RV’s (herein referred to as Trailers) in the park to prevent having to haul them to the track every time they ride.

* A $300 per year charge applies to be paid before parking the trailer in the park.

* Members must register their trailer with the sign in staff and display a valid government registration (license plate) on the back of their trailer so we can get in touch with the owner in the event we need the trailer moved.

* WRMA discourages members from leaving any valuables in their trailers and encourages members to insure their trailers and any contents.  WRMA is not responsible for any loss.

* Members leaving their trailers must sign a waiver absolving WRMA of any responsibility for security or safety of their trailer or contents and acknowledging they have read and understand our rules.

* In the event WRMA needs a member’s trailer moved we will provide a minimum of 24hrs notice.  After that period the member is responsible to move the trailer with in the time specified by WRMA.

* WRMA reserves the right to move or tow off site any trailer parked in the facility if the owner does not move it with in the time specified by WRMA. WRMA will not be responsible for any damages incurred during any move.  Towing and impound charges are the responsibility of the trailer owner.

* If a trailer has to be moved by WRMA and a hitch locking device is used it will be cut off at the expense of the trailer owner.

* All trailers must be removed from the park prior to the CMRC Pro National, the Red Bull Rocks and Logs event the Spartan mud run and any other events as requested.

* Members are responsible to keep WRMA informed of any change in their contact information.

* Extra charges will apply to requests to pick up your trailer during non-business hours.

Regular Season Non Member Parking:

* No overnight camping or parking of trailers is allowed except for during race events.