Privacy Policy

Wild Rose Motocross Association certifies that all individually identifiable information is kept confidential. We do not sell or disclose any personal information about our customers. Customer information provided is never distributed to any third party.

All personal information collected by Wild Rose Motocross Association (including credit card information) is kept in secure areas.

Personal information such as name, address, phone numbers and email address are used primarily to recognize individual customers necessary to keep track of individual accounts and to contact the customer when needed.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns with this policy or any of Wild Rose Motocross Association services or products please contact us at:

Phone: (403) 240.4025
Fax: (403) 258.1883


Help keep our park safe and open! To ride at the park you must follow our rules. You can and will be asked to leave with out a refund it you are found in violation of our rules.



To ride at the park you need a valid membership or you must pay day fees. Day fees are $25 for adults and $15 for kids on mini bikes and women.