Corporate SPONSORS

We are looking for sponsors  …  here is a link to our WRMA Sponsorship Package  (see the contacts page for advertising contact information)


We are proud to recognize those who have partnered with us, and would like to offer our sincere THANK YOU and gratitude to all the individuals and organizations that have contributed to the Wildrose Motocross Association.


mountains edge sponsor page
adventure honda
 pro am 216 by 85
vp racing fuels
Sosa Original Graphics
hatt automotive calgary red bull
 action sports sponsor  LRX logo
Connect Utility Services arrive home
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gq consulting paul clements
Norcan Fluid Power 216 by 85 footer ad template


Direct Air Ltd.

Rawin Consulting Corp

Dura Stainless & Sheet Metal MFG Ltd.

KTM Welding


Help keep our park safe and open! To ride at the park you must follow our rules. You can and will be asked to leave with out a refund it you are found in violation of our rules.



To ride at the park you need a valid membership or you must pay day fees. Day fees are $25 for adults and $15 for kids on mini bikes and women.