WRMA Super Series

Spring and Fall WRMA Super Series

This is our club racing series but anyone is welcome, member or not. Classes for all riders. Prizes are awarded based on series points at the end of the series. Remember, this is all fun and the KIDS love those trophies. If you would like to DONATE $100 or more towards the cost of these trophies, please contact us. As a thank you, we will post your name or company on our “Individual” sponsor page. If you have any questions, please contact Dustin Heikkinen at 403 874-5170 or sales@wildrosemx.com.

FALL 2020 Series – Sept 12, 13, 19, 20, 26, 27

Important info:


  • Sign in: On line – details to come.
  • Riders Meeting: details to come.
  • Practice Time: 9:00AM
  • Gate fee: Cost: $2 for spectators.  Riders no gate fee for WRMA members.  Non members gate fee $15 mini bike riders & women, $25 full size bike riders.
  • Race entry fee $25 for the first class and $20 for the second class.
  • No racing license required.
  • No transponders required.
  • Follow us on social media @wildrosemx or check recording (403) 240-4025 in case of inclement weather for event updates.
  • Trophies – awarded at the conclusion of the series based on total event points.
  • Prizes – based on random draw of all race entries for each class.
  • GP Pro Am purse – 100% pay back paid out based on overall finish for each day.

Fall Super Series

Race Schedule 

1. GP Beginner
2. GP Junior
4. Supermini
5. Ladies/Super EVO
6. 125 Two-Stroke/Plus 40
7. 250F Beginner/Plus 50
8. 65cc/50cc Expert
9. Vet Master/Vet Intermediate
10. Vet Junior/Vet Beginner
11. 50cc 7-8/50cc 4-6
12. 250F Intermediate/450F Junior
13. 85cc Expert/85cc Junior
14. 250F Junior/Under 30
15. 50cc 7-8/50cc 4-6 (Modifed track) INTERMISSION (+/- 30 Minutes) Repeat race order minus 50cc 7-8/50cc 4-6


WRMA Super Series Classes


50cc 4-6 6 years old and under 0-55cc 2 stroke/0-73cc 4 stroke
50cc 7-8 8 years old  and under 0-55cc 2 stroke/0-73cc 4 stroke
65cc 7-11 years old 60cc-65cc 2 stroke/0-110cc 4 stroke
85cc Junior 7-16 years old Riders new to the 85cc class.  (Riders are to move to 85cc Expert once they have finished top three in the series points and have won at least two motos in the series.  Or have won at least one moto in the series for those not in the points.  Riders may move themselves to expert at will if desired.)
85cc Expert 7-16 years old  Riders who have graduated from 85cc Junior or have moved themselves to the class.
Super Mini 16  years old and under 85cc-112cc 2-stroke/100cc-150cc 4-stroke
GP Pro Am 12 – Pro and intermediate racers 100cc-550cc 2-stroke/100cc-650cc 4-stroke
GP Junior 12 – not first time racers and not pro/intermediate 100cc-550cc 2-stroke/100cc-650cc 4-stroke
GP Beginner 12 – First time racers 100cc-550cc 2-stroke/100cc-650cc 4-stroke
Super EVO Any Age or Skill Any Size, bike must be 15 years and older
125 2-stroke 12, any skill 125cc-150cc 2 stroke based bikes (no 85cc big wheel/Super mini’s allowed)
250F BEG 12, new racer 100cc-250cc 2 stroke/100cc-250cc 4 stroke, min wheel size 19″F/16″R
250F JR 12, Junior racer, not new or intermediate 100cc-250cc 2 stroke/100cc-250cc 4 stroke, min wheel size 19″F/16″R
250F INT 12, Intermediate 100cc-250cc 2 stroke/100cc-250cc 4 stroke, min wheel size 19″F/16″R
under 30 under 30 Pro & Int.  Vet Int. & Master see below 100cc-550cc 2-stroke/100cc-650cc 4 stroke
450F JR 14, Junior racer, not new or intermediate 154cc-285cc 2 stroke/251cc-450cc 4 stroke, min wheel size 21″F/18″R
Ladies Any Age or Skill minimum 85cc 2 stroke/Honda CRF150R /250cc-450cc 4 stroke
Vet Beginner 30 years and older, new racer Any Size
Vet Junior 30 years and older, Junior racer, not new or intermediate Any Size
Vet Intermediate 30 years and older, intermediate Any Size
Vet Master 30 years and older, pro racer Any Size
Plus 40 40 years and older, any level Any Size
Plus 50 50 years and older, any level Any Size
  Ages are based on your age as of Jan 1st of the racing year. For example, if you are 16 years old on Jan 1, then you are considered 16 years old
  from Jan 1 to Dec 31.  If your 17th birthday is Jan 1, then you are considered 17 years old from Jan 1 to Dec 31.
  Riders competing in age classes are permitted to participate in the age division one below that in which they are classified.
  Exception to the above may be allowed. Please ask the Referee or Office Staff.  


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