** Please note all tracks are open conditions permitting. Check recording 403 240-4025 line 2 for grooming and track updates. Due to dust control we can only open groomed and watered tracks for full sized bikes.  We open 2 big bike tracks per day most days.  Please stick to the groomed tracks.

*** Be sure to follow track direction signs.  If you don’t see a sign or are unsure wait and watch for another rider to see the proper direction to ride or ask around the pits.  Most riders at the park are familiar with the correct direction of each track.

Note:  On most event days there is a second practice track available for those who do not want to race.  The exceptions are the National weekend and the SOAB race day where there is no casual riding.  Call the recording 403-240-4025 or park at 403-258-1883 if you are unsure.

Extreme Beginner Track. For those just learning to ride we feature an extreme beginner track with small obstacles. There is parking beside the beginner ovals. The extreme beginner track open to mini and full sized bikes.

Pee Wee Track
The Pee Wee Track is for beginner kids riding pee wee 50cc bikes and under.

Mini Track
The Mini Track is for beginner to advanced kids riding mini bikes from 50cc-100cc two stroke or 150cc four stroke mini bikes. Mini quads and adult mini bikes may also be ridden on this track. This track is used for our Tuesday night mini moto events and is closed to casual riding on Tuesday nights.

Full Sized Tracks:

The park has three full sized tracks:

1. Main track. Our main track was rebuilt in 2012 by one of the top track builders in the world, Marc Peters of Peters Built Tracks.  This track occupies the entire north end of the park in front of the bleachers and main tower.  This track is the track used for our biggest events. This course features our biggest jumps and best spectating.

2. East track. The East Track is located at the north east section of the park. This track is features easier and less jumps than the main track but don’t think it is easy! Tight corners and whooped out straight always keep it challenging.

3. Hill Track. Located on the Southeast corner of the park this track is more natural terrain style with few man made jumps. It is fast and feature sandier soil than the rest of the park.

Enduro Cross Track. New to the park is the Enduro Cross track on the west side of the park west of the BMX park.  Enduro cross is a tough off road style track that goes over tires, logs, rocks and other tough obstacles.  Trials riding is also done in this area.