Turkey Scramble

WRMA’s Oldest Running Event

Turkey Scrambles (date TBA)

Event Info

The Turkey Scrambles is WRMA’s oldest event.  It is a two hour mega moto on an off road style course that covers most of the park.  It is a fun race and is not scored meaning there are no results.  The challenge is to finish and battle with some other riders.   Sign in is $10 per rider (plus day fee if you are not a WRMA member.)

The hill track, pee wee and 85cc tracks will be open for casual riding but all other tracks are closed until the completion of the Turkey Scrambles.  The Turkey Scrambles track is closed immediately after the event ends to prevent collisions with other riders who may be trying to ride the normal tracks.

Turkey Scrambles Sign in is limited to 70 riders total.  The event is open to any rider 85cc and above all skill levels.  All riders will race at the same time but there are three start waves – fast bike, slow bike and 85cc.  Riders may pick which ever wave they prefer.


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